Exploring UK’s Top Wine Trends: A Comprehensive Guide at Forest Glen Winery

« Wines produced in the UK are gaining global attention for their exceptional quality and unique character. Climate change and innovative techniques have revolutionised the UK’s wine industry, cementing its position as a serious contender in the international wine world.

One trend setting the UK wine scene ablaze is the significant rise of English sparkling wine, giving champagne a run for its money. Notoriously high-quality, English sparkling wines from regions like Sussex and Kent have been rapidly increasing in demand both domestically and internationally.

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Another emerging trend is the exploration of less conventional grape varieties. UK winemakers are planting a diverse range of grapes and pushing the boundaries of what the UK’s terroir can produce, resulting in some stirring new additions to the market.

For those curious about these unfolding UK wine trends, look no further. Discover sophisticated flavour profiles and uncover the stories behind these trend-setting wines. Visit Forest Glen Winery, where we delve deep into the heart of UK’s wine revolution, offering comprehensive guides, reviews and more. »

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